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Your Kanye Rant Victim of the Day: Parisian With Laser Pointer

Below you will find some footage from the recent Paris stop on the Watch the Throne European tour. (Maybe you read about this particular concert on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Twitter? (For the record, The-Dream says he was the one who typed the song title “N**gas in Paris” on GOOP’s phone, but people are still very upset. Make your own choices on that one.) Anyway, back to the Throne: there Kanye was, about to launch into “Flashing Lights,” when an overenthusiastic French person decided to get in on the action with a laser of his or her own. You can guess — from the above title, or from history — what happened next. It was fairly brief, as Kanye rants go; no random segues to Amber Rose or the Jetsons movie or big-ass striped scarves. Still, we record it here for posterity. Do not bring a laser pointer to a Kanye West show. You know better now.

Kanye Yelled at a Parisian With a Laser Pointer