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Kate Winslet Hurt Celine Dion’s Feelings a Little

A few months back, during her delightfully candid press tour for Titanic 3-D (“Leo’s fatter; I’m thinner”), Kate Winslet admitted that she was not the most devoted fan of the movie’s love theme. Put more bluntly: She told an Italian journalist that “My Heart Will Go On” makes her feel “like throwing up” and that she hates when people try to surprise her with it. Billy Zane quickly came to the song’s defense, and the entire spat was pretty amusing, except that no one stopped to consider poor Celine Dion’s feelings. And based on her Today show appearance this morning, Vulture thinks Celine was a little hurt. She didn’t say so specifically when asked — she spent most of her answer talking about how special the song is and how honored she is to be associated with it, etc. — but just look at her expression at the 3:48 mark. That is a legitimately sad diva — like “No room left on the floating plank, ‘I’ll Never Let Go, Jack,’ little old lady dying in her bed”-level sad. Aww. And if that’s how bummed Celine is, just imagine the scrunchy-sad faces Leo is making in private. Look what you’ve done, Kate Winslet!

Kate Winslet Hurt Celine Dion’s Feelings