Lena Dunham Writes About Her Friendship with Nora Ephron

Today, Lena Dunham wrote for the New Yorker’s website about being both a friend and fan of Nora Ephron’s. She writes: 

I devoured her prose, her other film offerings, and became a fangirl right along with my mother, aunt, grandmother and every other intelligent woman in the tristate area. Which is why it was so momentous when, in March of 2011, I received a short, perfect e-mail from Ephron, saying she had seen and enjoyed my film and would like to take me to lunch.

She then walksthrough what it was like being her friend in the last year of her life and the profound impact it had. She ends it by writing:

When searching my inbox last night for an email from Nora, to get the specifics of her phrasing, I came upon this sign-off to a short but sweet one thanking me for lunch: “see you somewhere … xox.” Somewhere, it turns out, is everywhere. I see Nora in the home I wouldn’t live in if not for her, the shot list I make in the van to set in the morning, and the jacket I slip into when the sun comes down (she always sent links along with tips). I see her when the craft services on set isn’t up to par, or in the process of getting to know a man who seems to understand. I see her in the worst hair moments and the best soup moments. I know I am only one of hundreds of women, people, who will miss Nora’s company, and millions who will miss her voice. The opportunity to be friends with Nora in the last year of her life informs the entirety of mine. I am so grateful.

The piece is beautifully written and is such an illustrative account of what Nora was like on a personal level.

Lena Dunham Writes About Her Friendship with Nora […]