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Ang Lee’s Life of Pi Will Be Promoted With 3-D Scenes in Theaters

Ang Lee’s upcoming Life of Pi is going to be so 3-D that it will mainly be publicized through 3-D scenes played before other 20th Century Fox 3-D films leading up to its November release. MediaDecoder reports that the survival tale of a boy and a tiger will screen scenes before the odd array of Prometheus, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in a move to show off Life of Pi’s ”Avatar-caliber” 3-D imagery in ways conventional trailer-viewing methods cannot. A Fox exec also refers to the film as “special and different” and “specifically a cinematic experience,” so seriously don’t download it or even wait till DVD. You have to see it in theaters. You have to save the moviegoing experience. With Life of Pi.

Life of Pi Will Debut 3-D Scenes in Theaters