Lola Versus Directors: Box Office Hobbled by ‘Older Male Critics’

’Lola Versus.’ Photo: Myles Aronowitz/?2011 Myles Aronowitz

The Greta Gerwig–toplined rom-com Lola Versus failed to break out at the box office this past weekend, and filmmakers Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones have a theory about why that is. “The male critics are attacking the film and our box office really struggled last night,” they wrote in an e-mail to their mailing list. “We think this has a lot to do with it being a female-driven comedy about a single woman, and the older male critics don’t like messy, unapologetic stories with women at the center.” In fact, wrote the filmmakers, “There was a similar backlash against HBO’s Girls at first from men, but we don’t have the luxury of a full TV season to change their minds.” Would Whit Stillman — who directed another underperforming Gerwig comedy, April’s Damsels in Distress — like to add his voice to the charges of critical conspiracy?

Lola Versus Directors vs. ‘Older Male Critics’