‘Every Single Night’ Video: Look Out, Fiona Apple, There Is a Giant Octopus Behind You

And a smaller one on your head. And a minotaur in your bed, hogging the covers. In case you missed the video for “Every Single Night,” which debuted yesterday, you will want to watch it for a glimpse of these many oddities — along with Fiona Apple on puppet strings, Fiona cuddling with snails (“I really like snails a lot”), Fiona scrubbing the floor with a hula doll. She also appears to keep an Eiffel Tower taxidermy collection. Bonus Prometheus spoiler question: Is that monster octopus reminding anyone of a certain alien offspring? Anyway, now seems like the right time to mention that The Idler Wheel… is streaming over at NPR in full. It’s magical. Go now.

Look Out, Fiona, There’s an Octopus Behind You