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Here, Finally, Is a Magic Mike Trailer With Butts

Warner Bros. has so far controlled its Magic Mike marketing campaign with the knowing precision of an oiled-up Channing Tatum tearing open his camo pants at just the right moment of Ginuwine’s “Pony,” which is to say, they’ve teased the movie’s target audience expertly. Today, though … well, today is different. Today, if you looked at WB’s calendar, June 13 would be circled in pink felt-tip pen, and the date would be marked with the note “CAVALCADE OF BUTTS,” for the studio has unleashed a new, utterly NSFW one-minute trailer that has more ass flashes than a Madonna concert in Rome. (Anyone choosing to read this post will get that reference, there’s no need to even link.)

Butts! Butts galore! Tatum butt! McConaughey butt! Pettyfer butt! All the butts! Bring your laptop to a safe place where you can make “AIEEEE!” faces like the women in all the strip-club crowd scenes. (Surely, this was a shoot that featured extras will speak of in reverent tones for the next several decades.) And stay for the silhouetted peek at why Joe Manganiello’s character is nicknamed “Big Dick Richie.” Enjoy!

Here Is a Magic Mike Trailer With All the Butts