Maya Rudolph Loved Hosting ‘SNL’ as Much as We Loved Watching Her Host

Maya Rudolph’s episode hosting SNL was pretty special, which is why we picked it as the best of the season. Maya seems to agree: “There was something palpable and magical about that night. I really felt joyful. And that’s so rare.” So, the LA Times had her walkthrough her favorite sketches of the night as a lead up the Emmy nominations. On the thrill of the “Cosby Obama” sketch:

“I’m a huge ‘Cosby Show’ fan. Doing that dance like she did during the opening credits was one of the most exciting life moments. It goes: My children’s births, ‘Cosby.’ No. Just kidding. But it was really exciting and fun. I genuinely felt joyful.”

On the immediate popularity of the “Maya Angelou Prank Show” sketch:

“I get a lot of people quoting that line to me now… For proper effect, just make sure to draw out the two syllables in “whimsy.”

I take this quote to mean that she is totally into fans coming up to her and yelling “whimsy” in her face because, though it might be annoying, she won’t have to ask, “Was this an act of malice?”

Maya Rudolph Loved Hosting ‘SNL’ as Much as We Loved […]