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Last Night on Late Night: Matt McConaughey Wouldn’t Strip to Hip-Hop, Channing Tatum Has That Covered

Last night on the Tonight Show, Matt McConaughey confessed he would’ve regretted refusing Steven Soderbergh’s invitation to strip in Magic Mike. But choosing his stripper song was the hard part. “I knew I didn’t want to do any hip hop dancing because Channing Tatum does that, and he’s great at it.” Mid-jog in New Orleans, it hit him: He’d strip to “Calling Dr. Love” by Kiss. Also, it was the nude bongo player’s idea to insert the nude djembe scene in the film. Plus: Olivia Wilde and Stephen Colbert engaged in an act-off. Wilde’s aroused look inevitably trumped Colbert’s — she does have 64 hot points on the late-night host after all. Also, beer pong neophyte Michelle Pfeiffer chugged beer; and Steve Carell’s “friend” hosts stretch limo colonoscopy parties. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

McConaughey Wouldn’t Take Hip-Hop From Tatum