Meek Mill Says No One Famous Threw a Bottle at Chris Brown

Photo: Splash News

On Day Five of the Drake–Chris Brown Bottle Watch, we are no closer to knowing who, exactly, threw the glass bottle that found its way into Chris Brown’s chin. Drake, who still has not met with police, denies any wrongdoing, but he offered the following at Jones Beach on Saturday: “You were having a good night so far, you done had a couple drinks, you done met a couple thangs, and then the ni**a in the corner start looking at you funny and you feel a motherfuckin’ way about it. And then somebody going to the bathroom bumps you with their elbow and you like, ‘What the fuck?’” Indeed! Meanwhile, Meek Mill, who was reportedly caught up in the fight, would now like to clarify that neither he, Drake, nor Chris Brown had anything to do with the projectiles. “It’s other people that be around that take that shit to the next level,” he told XXL. Okay, sure, but can someone just confirm the note? We really want to know about the note.

Meek Mill: No One Famous Threw a Bottle at Brown