Nick Weidenfield is Bringing Crazy, Weird, Unironic Animation to Fox

After spending seven years heading up development over at Adult Swim, Nick Weidenfield is in the process of creating a very similar late-night animated block over at Fox called ADHD (Animation Domination High-Def). He explained to Fast Company how ADHD will differ from Fox’s regular animated fair and Adult Swim:

There’s just more room for us to be experimental than in primetime. Conceptually, ADHD will be broader than some of the stuff that we worked on at Adult Swim, but in terms of execution, it will still be weird and late night—the shows will have the kinds of jokes and the kind of storytelling that will be too fucked up for primetime.

It might be strange or “fucked up” but he still wants it to be genuine. He explained:

I think there’s currently this shift in what people want out of their comedy, and I think it’s earnest. I think that cynicism and irony and snarkiness have been pushed really far, and I think it’s created room for playing against that type and having really earnest and, not necessarily sweet, but un-ironic comedy. This is the height of that… I think it sets the tone for everything that I wanna do that’s also a little different from what we did at Adult Swim. It’s not ironic or cynical and our comedy will feel slightly younger in that way.

Sounds perfect for that 20-year old college sophomore who wants to smoke pot real earnest-like.

Nick Weidenfield is Bringing Crazy, Weird, Unironic […]