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Paris Hilton Still Has a Few D.J. Tricks to Learn

Since aughts nostalgia is the thing this month (See: The Newsroom, MTV’s depressingly un-retro “Retro Block”), it seems like a perfectly good time to check in on mid-2000s paparazzi queen Paris Hilton, who has apparently taken up a new career as a celebrity D.J. Her first set went down this weekend in Brazil, and we don’t really know how to break this to the Paris Hilton fans among you, but … it was a little rocky. As in, she pressed a lot of the wrong buttons (at one point, she introduced her own song, then started playing Rihanna’s “We Found Love”), inflicted a “Somebody That I Used to Know” mash-up upon innocent Brazilians, and demonstrated a Taylor Swift–level commitment to awkward arm-dancing. The video, which is now making its way around the Internet at lightning speed, is really something to behold. She knows all the words to Gotye, at least?

Paris Hilton Has a Few D.J. Tricks to Learn