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The Man With the Iron Fists Trailer: Russell Crowe and RZA Know Kung Fu

Quentin Tarantino is credited with “presenting” the RZA-directed martial arts action-comedy The Man With the Iron Fists, as if you couldn’t tell by the cheeky exploitation tagline, “They Put the F-U in Kung Fu” (which nearly rivals Tarantino’s own tagline for Django Unchained). RZA himself stars – he co-scripted, too – as a blacksmith in feudal China who gets entangled with a whole lot of unusual fighters, including Russell Crowe’s mysterious cowboy and Lucy Liu’s fan-wielding know-it-all. (O-Ren Ishii would die for that knife-inlaid fan … perhaps literally.) There will be a whole lot of R-rated blood and plenty of slow-mo kung fu carnage. RZA! Welcome to the club!

Russell Crowe in Man With the Iron Fists Trailer