Robert Carlock Discusses Landing the ‘30 Rock’ Plane

30 Rock was still 30 Rock last year but just with a little bit more heart. Heading into its final season, showrunner Robert Carlock told Entertainment Weekly he’s excited to reach some sort of fulfilling conclusion for Liz.

We had started a few years ago this idea that Liz, in her total quest for happiness — whether that’s possible or not, which I don’t think we’ve answered yet — wanted to have a family. Back in the day, we weren’t sure we’d be around next week. It was fun to know that, ‘Okay, now if we’re heading toward some sort of endgame for the characters or for the series, we can get back into that stuff.’ With Jimmy Marsden on the scene… we could resuscitate these ideas for her.

He said that another live show was unlikely; however, he did address which guest characters need to appear in the final 13 episodes:

Dr. Spaceman has to kill one of our cast members accidentally…Or on purpose! As some sort of Dr. Frankenstein experiment. Otherwise, Devin Banks has to rear his ugly head again. Colleen [has to come back, and we discover that she is never, ever going to die. I want to get Michael Sheen back as Wesley Snipes. I loved him so much. … We say every year that we’re going to get our buddy Tim Meadows on the show. This year we just have to figure that out.

Considering that TGS has only so many cast members to kill, this would be a perfect reason for the triumphant return of Josh.

Robert Carlock Discusses Landing the ‘30 Rock’ Plane