‘Scream’ Video: Usher Dances With a Giant Water Balloon

A few months back, Usher headlined a couple of shows at Fuerza Bruta, a long-running Cirque du Soleil–type New York City theater experience that involves, according to New York’s 2007 report, “a treadmill running up to twenty miles an hour, smashable walls, and a giant Mylar pool.” (Fun fact: The Mylar is only a quarter-millimeter thick! And still it can hold so many scantily clad women.) The show’s fancy fishbowl is prominently displayed in the video for “Scream,” which was partially filmed during his Fuerza Bruta residency — and partially on a random soundstage, with plenty of room for Usher to do wind sprints. What is he running from? The frenzied audience? The pressure of having multiple Song of Summer candidates pitted against each other? That Will.I.Am song on Looking 4 Myself? Discuss.

‘Scream’ Video: Usher Dances With Water Balloon