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Arbitrage Trailer: Sex, Money, and Murder for Richard Gere

Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Deep-pocketed hedge-fund whiz Richard Gere in Arbitrage has managed to coast on his outrageous fortune for a long time, but now, all those problems are catching up with him. It’s bad enough that his wife (Susan Sarandon) and daughter (Brit Marling) are starting to wake up to his fraud, but after Gere accidentally crashes his car and kills his mistress … well, that doesn’t help matters very much, does it? The tightly plotted Arbitrage went over well at Sundance, where Gere’s performance was acclaimed as one of his best ever, and for good reason: It’s hard to root for a super-rich bastard to get away with (literal) murder, but as Gere just barely squirms his way through another jam, you almost want him to.

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