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Wreck-It Ralph Trailer: This Video Game Boss Isn’t Bad, He’s Just Coded That Way

As movies begin to look like video games and video games play increasingly like movies, it’s about time that we got a film that’s actually about video-game characters, boasting cameos from Bowser, M. Bison, and a Pac-Man ghost. In Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, John C. Reilly voices the charmingly sad-sack villain of an 8-bit arcade game who feels he was meant for bigger and better things. Eventually, Ralph tires of the constant scorn he’s gotten as the final boss for 30 years, and egged on by Street Fighter’s Zangief during a meeting of Bad-Anon, he decides to leave his arcade game to pursue other, hopefully hospitable boards, including a first-person shooter and a kart racer. Good luck, Ralph, and always think “WWDKD?” (That’s “What Would Donkey Kong Do,” for you laymen.)

See the Video Game–y Wreck-It Ralph Trailer: