Shia LaBeouf Made a Haunting, Naked Sigur Rós Video

Despite his contributions to the ultraloud fighting-robot genre, Shia LaBeouf has always had a thing for sensitive, soulful music (which will be no surprise to you if you remember the big blowup LaBeouf and Michael Bay had over … Feist). Perhaps that’s how he ended up in the new, NSFW music video for the Sigur Rós song “Fjögur Píanó,” which finds LaBeouf body-painting with a girlfriend, enjoying some very trippy lollipops, taking an unlikely underwater car ride, and engaging in fully nude modern dance routines. (Yes, fully nude. We knew you would want to hear it from a friend. Our male movie stars’ commitment to naked art this year is really something to behold.)

Shia LaBeouf’s Haunting, Naked Sigur Rós Video