Shirley MacLaine Has Some Vague Downton Abbey Spoilers to Share

More updates from the set of Downton Abbey, season three! Your informant for this go-round is new cast member Shirley MacLaine, who doesn’t have a lot of hard facts, per se, but sounds very enthusiastic about the experience all the same. Here’s what we know: She’ll be in two episodes, and she was bummed not to have any scenes with Bates (he’s her favorite, weirdly), but she really liked hanging with Mr. Carson. MacLaine’s character (Martha Levinson, mother to Lady Cora) is from Long Island, and she might actually get along with the Dowager Countess, despite what you’ve read. Also, Downton itself “seemed haunted and full of otherworldly spirits.” Okay, you’re all caught up!

Shirley MacLaine Has Some Vague Downton Updates