T.J. Miller Is Now One of the Leads on Fox’s ‘Goodwin Games’

[Cue Pete Holmes yelling, “DENVER! YOGI BEAR! YEAH! 3-Deeeeeeeeee!”] This is some damn good(win) news. Well, good(win) for T.J. Miller and comedy fans and less good(win) for Jake Lacy. T.J. Miller will be playing the character of Jimmy on Fox’s Goodwin Games, replacing Jake Lacy who played the role in the pilot. Jake is probably a fine enough guy and all but T.J. Miller is so hilarious and such a dynamic performer. He’s been up for a bunch of pilots before – including this past year’s Little Brother, which was one of our 10 promising pilots that didn’t get picked up – so it’s great to see him finally land somewhere solid. Miller will be playing a character who is often in jail and is described as “all heart, zero impulse control.” Sounds about right. The show, which focuses on three siblings who reunite after their father leaves them tons of money, debuts in the spring. (Just like Dane Cook’s Next Caller Please; I guess their storied rivalry continues.) [Do I hear Pete Holmes again? “GOODWIN GAMES! YEAH! 2-D! DENVER! YEAH!”]

T.J. Miller Is Now One of the Leads on Fox’s ‘Goodwin […]