The Trailer for the Kay Cannon Scripted ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Pitch Solid

There are some trailers where you can just hear the studio executives’ conversation:

Exec 1: “Ok, Glee is really popular with kids. Am I saying that right, “kids?” What should we do?”Exec 2: “There’s this book called Pitch Perfect that’s just like Bring It On, but, wait for it, with singing!”Exec 3: “Who will be in it?”Exec 4: “Anna Kendrick?”Exec 1 and 2: “Perfect!”Exec 3: “Pitch Perfect.”Exex 1, 2, 3, 4: “Hahahahahahahahah”[Then they laugh and throw money at each other for eternity]

However, 30 Rock writer and all-around funny person, Kay Cannon wrote it, so it could/should be better than expected. At minimum, you might hear “No Diggity” at least three times, which is worth the price of admission, right? No diggity.

The Trailer for the Kay Cannon Scripted ‘Pitch […]