Think like a Hollywood Studio: ‘Think Like a Man’ Sequel in the Works

The writers of Think Like a Man, David A. Newman (No relation to Alfred E. Neuman) and Keith Merryman have been hired to pen the successful comedy’s sequel. (Possible titles include: Think Like a Man 2: Man, Those Are Some Likable Thoughts Think Like a Man 2: More Thoughts, More Likeable, More Man Think Like a Man Too: Thinks Likes a Men.) The original was hugely profitable, grossing over $90 million off an only $12 million budget. The biggest question is if they’ll be able to afford Kevin Hart this time around, considering he’s getting roles left and right and left again. Either way, it’s impressive that they’re going to be able to get two movies out of a Stevie Harvey advice book. No word yet if the sequel will spend more time explaining where to buy giant, striped, brightly-colored three-piece suits.

Think like a Hollywood Studio: ‘Think Like a Man’ […]