Tina Fey On What You Should or Shouldn’t Expect from the Last Season of ‘30 Rock’

At this point, 30 Rock has done so much and has gone in so many directions that it’s hard to imagine how they’ll approach a final season. This is especially the case with the show’s newfound sentimental streak. However, as Fey explained to Entertainment Weekly this doesn’t mean a baby Liz Lemon (a lemon drop?) or big a sustained story:

 “Well, I think the last 13 will be about her road, potentially, to motherhood. I don’t think we’ll be bringing in the 21st-century Webster ” She continued, “I really want to keep making good, fun individual episodes. We’re not too worried about creating some ginormous arc.”

What they are worried about is getting as many of the best guest-stars back as possible:

“I always wanted to get Michael Benjamin Washington back on who played Donald Jordan, the older son. Of course we want to get Dennis Duffy in at some point. I’d love to get Michael Sheen to come back as Wesley Snipes. I’d love to get Isabella Rossellini back because we were reminding ourselves that Jack was married before, and she was a very pivotal character once. I tried to tell Selma Hayek that she has to come back. She said that she would and I’m going to hold her to that. And other ‘bucket list’ things — I always wanted to do a full-tilt Bugsy Malone episode. But I don’t think we’ll get to that in the final 13.”

I assume this means that Dennis Duffy will end up with Bianca because that would be perfect. And how amazing would it be to see Isabella Rossellini have a bunch of beepers on her? Very amazing.

Tina Fey On What You Should or Shouldn’t Expect from […]