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A Quick Refresher on Who Is Dead on True Blood


Remember what happened on True Blood last season? Only barely! There was a witch, and Pam’s face started to look all Death Becomes Her–ish, and Jesus died, and Alcide existed, and that’s about it. When the show returns on Sunday, though, it jumps right back in where last season left off, so this is your quickie refresher guide.

Who is dead-dead?
Oh, lots of people! When we left Bon Temps, Alcide’s crazy druggy werewolf girlfriend Debbie (blonde, crazy eyes) had just shot at Sookie, but brave Tara had jumped in front of the bullet. Then Sookie grabbed the gun and shot Debbie. Tara is maybe-dead, but Debbie appears to be dead-dead. (But this is True Blood, so who even knows?) Also seemingly dead-dead is Lafayette’s adorable boyfriend Jesus, whom Lafayette stabbed to death while they were both possessed because Jesus is a brujo and Lafayette is a medium and love is complicated, and no one can catch a damn break these days. Sam’s brother Tommy, whom no one cared about at all, is also dead-dead. Do you remember Marcus? Of course not. Marcus is Sam’s shape-shifter girlfriend’s fight-prone baby daddy, and he also is dead-dead, thanks to Alcide, who killed him in a scuffle over crazy Debbie.

On the undead-but-now-dead-dead side of things, Eric and Bill temporarily halted their dick-wagging contest to kill Nan Flannigan and her guards to protect the secret that Sookie is a faerie.

Who is back from the dead?
Reverend Steve Newlin, the super anti-vampire preacher from season two, appeared on Jason’s doorstep at the end of last season after going “missing.” Also not dead is Russell Edgington, the powerful — and powerfully witty! man, that guy — vampire king who was buried under concrete at the end of season three.

Wait, who is that guy?
Scott Foley is one of Terry’s buddies from the Marines, but he sure seems like bad news.

A Quick Refresher on Who Is Dead on True Blood