Vulture Appreciates All of James Franco’s Farts, Whether Pop or Avant-Garde

Photo: Amber De Vos/@Patrick McMullan

As you are surely aware, James Franco has taken up the blogger lifestyle over on the Huffington Post, posting regularly (frequently, even; he’s making the rest of us look bad) on topics like New Orleans, Girls, Kristen Stewart, and his favorite books. Since Vulture comprises a group of devoted Francophiles, we have obviously been covering James’s blogging escapades. And apparently, James has noticed. From today’s missive:

It has been said that New York Magazine’s Vulture blog [Ed. Note: No link, sadly.] doesn’t leave any of my farts un-sniffed, meaning they write about anything I do or say. But sadly, the blogosphere seems to sniff only the farts that have to do with pop culture. If I lip synch to Carly Rae Jepsen or write about Kristen Stewart, they report the news as if it’s the most important thing going around, but they never deign to take a whiff when it comes to literature.

Well, yes, we’ll take that bait (though we would take a link, too. Internet kindess!)  It is true that Vulture has posted enthusiastically about Franco’s Kristen Stewart odes and his Carly Rae lip-dub, along with his pick for Song of Summer, his General Hospital antics, and his Kevin Federline–esque Spring Breakers character. But we have been following James Franco for many years, and we have an equal enthusiasm for his avant-garde flatulence: See our coverage of his experimental meta-thrilled-doc Francophenia; his multimedia dance show; his favorite poems; his Kalup Linzy collaborations; his Hart Crane biopic; his My Own Private Idaho editing experiments; his Cormac McCarthy adaptations; and his own novel. We appreciate all of James Franco’s farts, be they pop culture or the highest of high-brow.

And so, out of respect for James Franco, and in thanks for all the many types of farts that he has shared with us, Vulture would now like to honor Franco’s own blogging request:

I hope my fellow bloggers report on this, even if only to say that my posts are written at the level of college papers, in language that could easily be found on a junior high school student’s Facebook page.

James Franco is writing about books! Go read.

Vulture Appreciates All of James Franco’s Farts