‘No Lie’ Video: 2 Chainz and Drake’s Hobbies Include Drip-Painting

First things first: Yes, this is the song on which Drake probably disses Rihanna (“aw that look like what’s her name, chances are it’s what her name / chances are if she was actin’ up then I fucked her once and never fucked again”), and yes, it is a particularly interesting (or opportunistic) choice to release the video this very week. (Also, if the Note is real, then Drake is not really on message here with the lying. Those lyrics and “I’m still fucking Rihanna” can’t be true at the same time.) But fast-forward past the gossip and you will be rewarded with a black-and-white, Color Me Mine–ish drip-paint video from Director X, featuring polygraph tests, Drake in an experimental eyewear phase, 2Chainz in an admiral’s cap, and a few women who just raided the Phantom of the Opera costume closet. Related: What is Drake’s favorite Phantom song, do you think? Seems like a “Think of Me” guy to us.

Watch 2 Chainz and Drake’s Video for ‘No Lie’