‘Gold on the Ceiling’ Video: The Black Keys, Harmony Korine, Baby Twinz, Technical Difficulties …

Good morning and welcome back to your nightmares, which will likely be filled with the memory of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach’s adult baby schtick, should you make it through the entire “Gold on the Ceiling” Video. Harmony Korine directs this one, and the weirdo factor is high: baby twins with matching giant-baby twins; pastel medical scrubs; blank expressions; unidentifiable yard animals (is that a goat?); and a purposefully wonky audio track that keeps cutting out so you can focus on messages like “We Love Lootcake.” The entire video seems to be sewn together from creepy GIFs, into which it will surely return. Dust to dust, etc.

Watch Harmony Korine’s Video for the Black Keys