‘Wide Awake’ Video: Katy Perry Battles an Evil Strawberry, Shoots More Sparkles Out of Her Chest

Know this about Katy Perry: If there is an opportunity for her to launch something from her chest, Katy Perry will launch something from her chest. She is so committed to breast-cannon technology, in fact, that she will sometimes shoehorn seemingly unnecessary heart-sparkle explosions into music videos, as in the Snow White–ish treatment for “Wide Awake.” A strawberry is the poisonous fruit of choice, and instead of an evil stepmother, Katy appears to be battling the fairy tale itself (which is bad news for the actor hired to play her Prince Charming. Know also that Katy Perry has a solid right hook). There is also a mini Katy, and a fragile butterfly, and an abundance of pink, but do not overlook the energy contributions here. Katy Perry can light the whole world with her chest sparkles. Just let her shine.

Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ Video