‘National Anthem’ Video: Lana Del Rey Is Jackie and Marilyn

Only an hour ago, Vulture was remarking upon how well the handsome A$AP Rocky stares into a camera in service of his country. It turns out that he can also wear a sweater around his neck, steer a sailboat, and ride in the back of a Cadillac with a healthy dose of presidential swagger, as evidenced by his performance in Lana Del Rey’s eight-minute “National Anthem” video. As promised, Rocky is the JFK to Lana’s Jackie — who spends a lot of time hiding in the Hyannis Port camellia bushes — and her Marilyn, who opens the video with a more-than-passable “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” (Here’s some more revisionist history for you: What if Lana had landed the My Week With Marilyn role?) The whole video is run through an Instagram filter, in case you forget where you are (a Lana Del Rey video), and there’s an assassination reenactment toward the end that could have stayed on the cutting-room floor. But we’re pretty charmed by Camelot 2: Lana and Rocky, if only because of the sweaters. And the bear rug! And those cute children.  Okay, it looks legitimately fun. 

Watch Lana Del Rey’s ‘National Anthem’ Video