‘Liquorice’ Video: Azealia Banks Gets Her Gun, Hot Dog, Popsicle

Remember Azealia Banks, the salty-but-adorable Harlem teen in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt who limbo-ed her way into your hearts with “212?” This new video for “Liquorice” does not! Gone are the cutesy clothes and the Harry Potter sidekicks; here now instead, courtesy of Gaga pal Nicola Formichetti, is Azealia’s True Grit look, which also somehow incorporates a purple fur coat, Jessica Simpson’s American flag bikini, and an exploding hot dog. Also a gun and a Popsicle, in case you missed the hot dog reference. An American Tail: Azealia Goes West! Just like the Disney cartoon, we’re sure.

Watch the Video for Azealia Banks’s ‘Liquorice’