The Wire: The Musical Spoof: Michael K. Williams Is Really in This

And now, a totally unexpected musical break: Funny or Die has just posted a four-minute musical imagining of The Wire — for no promotional reason that we can suss out — and real, honest-to-god Wire actors signed up for this parody. Michael K. Williams! Larry Gillard Jr.! Snoop even makes an appearance. And if you can avoid interpreting the sketch as an indicator of which Wire alums have made it (Idris Elba and Dominic West, apparently) and which are still hustling for the work, and therefore have to make silly Internet videos that involve standing in a single-file line while singing about bureaucracy, then this is pretty funny. It also finally solves the problem of how to work “I Got the Shotgun, You Got the Briefcase” into a karaoke routine. Anyway, Vulture is very much looking forward to the official David Simon review; in the meantime, enjoy.   

Watch The Wire: The Musical Spoof