What Will Jeff Daniels and John Gallagher Jr. Sing Together on Newsroom?

Photo: Melissa Moseley/HBO

Gallagher Jr., who plays the noble, startlingly well-connected (when it comes to Halliburton) Jim on Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom, offered the following mini-spoiler to E! News:

Aaron found out that Jeff is also a singer/songwriter and he puts out his own records and then he found out that I play guitar and sing,” Gallagher said. “So, one day, he said, ‘Oh, there’s going to be an episode when you and Jeff are jamming.’ I thought he was kidding, but two weeks later I found out that he wasn’t kidding and that he had worked it into the script.”

First things first: Who did the musical supervision on Newsroom, and how do you think those individuals felt when they got to work every day? (This Radiohead quote might provide some insight.) Second: What song do we think Aaron Sorkin picked for the Daniels-Gallagher “jam”? Did he go the obvious Gilbert and Sullivan route? Or are we going to keep the 2010 theme going musically? “Tik Tok”? “Teenage Dream”? “What’s My Name?”?! Oh, please let Jeff Daniels do the Drake verse.

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