2 Days in New York Clip: Chris Rock and Julie Delpy Can’t Catch a Bedtime Break

In Julie Delpy’s new film 2 Days in New York, Delpy and Chris Rock want something simple after a long and arduous day of hosting her outlandish French family: They just want the chance to get frisky with each other, in private. Unfortunately, the walls are thin in Casa de Rock-Delpy, and Delpy’s sexually rapacious sister — who’s brought along her new flame, Delpy’s ex-boyfriend from Paris — loudly appears to be beating them to the punch. Plenty of cross-cultural humor ensues in 2 Days in New York (which premieres on VOD today in advance of a theatrical release August 10), but this exclusive clip showcases one scenario that transcends any language.

Watch Chris Rock in a 2 Days in New York Clip