A Broader Week in Comedy

- Sherman Hemsley passed away at age 74.

- Dan Harmon is in talks to do write a pilot for Fox.

- NBC is going to make things a bit broader.

- We unearthed a discussion between Steve Allen and Lenny Bruce about free speech.

- We found the lost roles of Vince Vaughn.

- We watch Six Days to Air and learned how South Park gets made.

- We guided you with videos through Jim Carrey’s early stand-up.

- We followed @PerlaPell on Twitter.

- We looked at the web videos of Someecards.com.

- We might’ve forgotten the name of our son.

- We went on the ground at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival.

And here are the Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week 4 U:

Tim Heidecker - “Bob Dylan’s Titanic”

Jest - “Are Men Funny?”

Belle & Bernice: Livin’ in the City - “New Restaurant”

“AIDS 2015”

Paulilu Mixtape - “BIG TRUCKS! (2012 Monster Jam World Finals)”

A Broader Week in Comedy