A Funny Thing #18: Step Five: UNKNOWN with Laura Willcox

Scoliosis! Flat chests! The unknowable, occult mysteries of the nefariously inscrutable STEP NUMBER FIVE! What obstacles won’t the universe set before our intrepid heroine on her journey to womanhood? You’ll have to listen to find out as Laura Willcox, Long Island geisha, forces the groping hand of her very own coming-of-age!

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The wonderful Laura Willcox is an actress and comedian whom you can see in upcoming episodes of MTV’s Epic Fail and Fodder on the Cooking Channel. She performs with the UCB Harold team Bucky. Laura told this story at Shut Up! the excellent, all-lady storytelling show at the UCBeast Theater in New York’s scenic East Village.

A Funny Thing #18: Step Five: UNKNOWN with Laura […]