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About Cherry Trailer: An X-Rated Education Involving James Franco

Meet Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), the high school senior who’s the main character in Stephen Elliott’s new film About Cherry. (It was formerly just titled Cherry, but the About will no doubt make it easier to find on an alphabetized on-demand screen, where the movie debuts next month.) Angelina’s looking for an escape to someplace new, and she gets it by taking off her clothes for a nude photo spread, pocketing the proceeds for a move to San Francisco, working at a strip club, and then embarking on a porn career. (It all happened so fast!) Along the way, she meets two pivotal people: a lawyer (James Franco) who may become her love interest and a former porn-actress-cum-director, played, in a bit of witty casting, by Boogie Nights star Heather Graham. Make your own opportunities, Rollergirl!

See James Franco in the About Cherry Trailer