An Emmy Nominated Week in Comedy

- One of the original SNL writers Tom Davis died at age 59.

- Emmy Nominations were announced.

- Hulu to air new episodes of The Thick Of It.

- We traced the birth of the comedy podcast boom.

- We talked to Simon Amstell about telling jokes in America.

- We looked at Being John Malkovich’s prediction of today’s culture of celebrity obsession.

- We remembered Chris Farley’s legendary time on SNL.

- We examined the coolness of TV’s greatest nerds.

- We wondered what the Tosh situation meant for the state of comedy criticism.

- We watched the web series Skit Box.

- We ran through TV’s biggest liars and braggers.

- We found the lost projects of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

- We went to the archives and watched Marc Maron’s early stand-up.

- We watched Mr. Warmth and learned about the storied career of Don Rickles.

- We found the unexpected comedy in Brando’s Godfather performance.

- We received correspondence from MovieZoom.

- We followed @EveryTweet_Ever on Twitter.

- We ran through some of the nation’s best comedy schools.

And now it’s time for your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Paulilu Mixtape - “Hooker Lawyer”

The Bilderbergers - “Amazon Yesterday Shipping”

“Batman Meets Two-Face”

Tiny Fuppets - “Summer Splash!”

7 Minutes in Heaven - “Joanna Newsom” (The last episode ever)

An Emmy Nominated Week in Comedy