An Independent Week in Comedy

- Andy Griffith passed away at age 86.

- Eastbound & Down is getting a surprise fourth season.

- Seth Meyers might step down at SNL to co-host Live with Kelly.

- Childish Gambino released a mixtape featuring Tina Fey.

- We watched The Delmonic Interviews and heard from the improv guru Del Close.

- We looked at the evolution of

- We remembered Kevin Nealon’s pumped up time on SNL.

-We looked at the 8 promising series Comedy Central passed on this year.

- We followed @MikeDrucker on Twitter.

- We analyzed the “New Woody Allen Trailer” web video.

- We went into the archives and watched a conversation between Matt Groening and David Silverman about The Simpsons.

- We noticed the recent lengthening of Onion headlines.

And now the tippity top five comedy videos of the week:

Jeremiah McDonald - “A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self”

College Humor - “Call Me Maybe Parody”

The Assistant - “Lasik”

Denis Leary - “Kiss My A$$”

Front Desk - “Author featuring Miriam Tolan”

An Independent Week in Comedy