Video: Your Guide to TV’s Unfortunate Obsession With Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’

Last night’s episode of The Newsroom featured what we believe to be possibly the longest, most overly emotional (and comical?) use of the Coldplay song “Fix You” in TV history. In the final scenes of the episode, aptly titled “I’ll Try to Fix You,” the sentimental piano begins as the staff, panicked, tries to work through the story of Gabby Giffords’s shooting in Arizona. The pairing felt … odd. But it made us think: Where have we seen this scene before? Where else has this morose yet catchy pop tune played for five minutes straight? Have I seen Rob Lowe vomit in slow motion over the wailing guitar solo? Why yes, I believe I have. Have I seen Jayma Mays disinfecting a telephone with a toothbrush over the breathy verses? Indeed. Is this a song that might play in the background as Alan Dale suffers a heart attack falling into a pool? Yes! Check out our video compilation to see the many ways “Fix You” has been used in TV. Might it be time to send this song to the soundtrack graveyard?

Are TV Shows Overusing Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’?