‘Bachelorette’ Is a Movie and Not a Film-Version of the Reality Show

This seems fun. It will undoubtedly be compared to Bridesmaids because that’s how things work but it looks a lot more like Very Bad Things mixed with The Hangover. The cast is solid: Rebel Wilson playing against type as the proper bride, Lizzy Caplan as the sarcastic one (the brunette), Isla Fisher as the wild party girl (the redhead), and Kirsten Dunst as the perfect one (the blonde). Also, there appears to be a Lizzy Caplan-Adam Scott rekindling, which hopefully takes up 60% of the movie. Maybe the twist will be that Scott and Caplan’s characters have to cater the wedding and this is actually the long-rumored Party Down movie.

‘Bachelorette’ Is a Movie and Not a Film-Version of […]