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Bachelorette Trailer: Kirsten Dunst, Bridesmaidzilla

If ever there were a comedy crying out for a red-band trailer, it would have to be the gleefully R-rated Sundance comedy Bachelorette, but failing that, this new green-band trailer will have to do. Kirsten Dunst stars as a brittle mean girl who can’t believe that chunky friend Rebel Wilson is getting married before her, so she and fellow bridesmaids Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher drown their self-loathing tendencies in booze and blow at the bachelorette party. And then the wedding dress rips, and late-night shenanigans to repair it ensue. You’ll get some sense of that from this trailer, which teases the perfectly calibrated, tricky performances from all the ladies, but also features James Marsden, Adam Scott, and a stripping Andrew Rannells getting his Magic Mike on.

See Kirsten Dunst in the Bachelorette Trailer