Bill Hader Was as Surprised about His Nomination as Everyone Else, if Not More so

By far the most exciting surprise of this morning’s Emmy nominations was that Bill Hader got a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Hader spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about finding out: “It wasn’t [on my radar]. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh yea! The Emmy nominations are coming out!’” He continued:

I got up early this morning with my daughter and my wife. We had breakfast. I checked my e-mail, nothing was there. Looked at my phone, everything was good. Hopped into the shower. When I came out, all of a sudden it was like 30 messages. My wife and daughter were gone so then I had this moment of, “Oh my gosh, what happened?”

The first text was from Kristen Wiig, he explains: “She went, ‘Oh my god, congratulations!’ I went, for what? What happened?” It took him another couple texts but eventually he put it together. He then continued to discuss just how surprised he was “It really is a full-on shock,” and “It never really occurred to me that this would ever happen.” His wife’s response: “For What?” Umm, for being the absolute best. Have you seen Stefon, Bill Hader’s wife?

Bill Hader Was as Surprised about His Nomination as […]