‘Bob’s Burgers’’ Poster Attempts to Prevent Comic-Con Choking Deaths

Over 130,000 people attend Comic-Con each year and about 90,000 of those people choke to death (give or take 90,000). Bob’s Burgers wants to bring that number down with the help of this choking first aid poster. Tips include: “Keeping the head titled and the mouth open, pinch the victim’s nose to make him look more elegant, then say ‘all board the smooch train.’”  The posters are meant to promote the Bob’s Burgers panel that takes place Friday at 4 p.m. and will be given out at Fox’s booth. However, knowing Bob’s Burgers, this is all probably a viral marketing stunt to promote their new Artichoke Your Chicken Burger (comes with chicken and artichoke). [Via]

‘Bob’s Burgers’’ Poster Attempts to Prevent Comic-Con […]