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Last Night on Late Night: Colin Farrell on Total Recall, Kissing the Director’s Wife Was ‘Creepy’

Last night on Conan, Colin Farrell disclosed what it was like to kiss the boss’s wife (Kate Beckinsale) under the supervision of the director (Len Wiseman) in Total Recall. Apparently, it was “dodgy,” “creepy,” and “uncomfortable.” “The one thing [Wiseman] didn’t say was, ‘Colin, I think you should give it more,’” he joked before passing the discomfort onto Conan in an odd segue — Farrell let it slip that’s he not circumcised because he’s Irish. Plus: Jerry O’Connell reprised his Tom Cruise impression; and Emma Roberts got along with Rashida Jones so swimmingly well their first Celeste and Jesse Forever meeting turned into a two-hour chatter-fest “about everything.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Colin Farrell: Kissing Beckinsale Was ‘Creepy’