Comedy Central Wants to Sell T-Shirts, Toys, Tickets, and More

The hottest gift next Christmas will be a Daniel Tosh action figure that comes with adjustable smug smirks and a television screen with interchangeable images of guys lighting their asses on fire, falling down the stairs, or gently molesting strangers. Well, at least Comedy Central hopes it will be. The New York Times is reporting that CC is launching Comedy Central Enterprises with the expressed objective to establish new sources of revenue for the network. CC was inspired by networks like Disney and Nickelodeon who’ve been able to make billions in merchandise sales. Carter writes:

Comedy Central’s performers are not household names like SpongeBob or Mickey Mouse. But the channel says contemporary comedy has forged a deep connection with its mostly young viewers, in a role similar to the one music once played.

So, get ready to see t-shirts of only Gabriel Iglesias’s face (like this but a lot less yellow). This arena isn’t completely new for CC, as for awhile they’ve been involved with the tours and album/DVD/book releases of comedians. One of the first major deals is to sell “Indecision 2012” t-shirts at Urban Outfitters. Next stop is selling Key & Peele branded KEYchain vegetable PEELErs at Spencer’s.

Comedy Central Wants to Sell T-Shirts, Toys, Tickets, […]