‘Community’s’ Comic-Con Offered a Gag-Reel with a Side of Reassurance

I like a good gag reel as much as the next lover of gag reels, but this gag reel needs to be at least 10 times longer. Right!? Sure, we get to see Alison Brie “rap” for 30 seconds straight but why not 300 seconds of Brie-styling? This was first shown at the show’s Comic-Con panel. Accounts from the panel make it seem like it was mostly a love fest/asking if everything is going to be OK fest. To the latter point, new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio were positive. Guarascio:

A couple of months ago, we were a lot like you: just huge fans of the show who thought it was one of the most special things on television. Suddenly we’re here, helping to keep it going. The only thing we care about is keeping it this weird, wonderful gem that it’s always been. That’s not gonna change.

Port put it even simpler: “We’re not going to screw it up.” Do you buy it? I want to buy it. Let’s agree to buy it. Do you buy it?

‘Community’s’ Comic-Con Offered a Gag-Reel with a Side […]