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Compliance Trailer: The Controversial Sundance Drama Is Coming

The real-life story that the new film Compliance is based on is already unsettling: A young woman at a fast-food restaurant is stripped, interrogated, and humiliated by her female supervisor, simply because the older woman was instructed to do all those things by a mysterious caller claiming to be a cop (though in reality, he was a serial prank caller who was eventually apprehended). At Sundance this year, where Compliance premiered, the film quickly became the fest’s most controversial when some audience members were so rattled by the depiction of those harrowing events that they began heckling the director. The new trailer may unsettle you, too … and if it’s not the bit about man’s inhumanity to man that does it, those shots of fast food cooking in the deep fryer almost certainly will.

Watch the Trailer for Controversial Compliance