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The Big Wedding Trailer: De Niro, Keaton, and Heigl Are Going to the Chapel

Did somebody make a Nancy Meyers movie and forget to tell her? The new film The Big Wedding was directed by Justin Zackham, but it’s got plenty of the rom-com director’s tony hallmarks: Diane Keaton in crisply ironed whites! A romantic triangle featuring actors of a certain age! Ostentatious wealth and a wedding! In this go-round, Keaton is bitterly divorced from Robert De Niro (who’s now squiring Susan Sarandon), but at the behest of daughter Katherine Heigl, Keaton and De Niro agree to pose as a still-married couple for the wedding of their adopted son, Ben Barnes, to Amanda Seyfried, since his Latina biological mother would not approve of Keaton and De Niro’s long-dead marriage, or something. Also, Topher Grace. Also, Robin Williams, once again playing a priest who counsels a newly engaged couple, because no one learned their lessons from License to Wed. Also, a lot of soundtrack cues. Like, a lot a lot.

De Niro, Keaton, Heigl in Big Wedding Trailer