The Bret Easton Ellis–Nikki Finke Feud Is Real and Now Involves Lawyers

Back in June, novelist and Fifty Shades of Grey superfan Bret Easton Ellis revealed (on Twitter) that he lives in the same L.A. apartment building as the very private Nikki Finke. (Gawker more or less confirmed this.) Ellis was back on Twitter this weekend detailing Finke’s reaction, which included threats against ICM, the talent agency that represents Ellis, and the author himself. ICM has since lawyered up in the matter, and their legal team is reportedly claiming that Finke “told top ICM employees she would reveal their home addresses and where their children go to school.” She also allegedly told one ICM agent that she would post “damaging” and potentially false information about the agency on Deadline. Penske Media Corp, which owns Deadline, issued a statement denying the claims. Meanwhile, Bret Easton Ellis is still tweeting against Finke, and will probably continue to.

The Ellis–Finke Feud Now Involves Lawyers