Eugene Levy Discusses Being Funny in Funny and Unfunny Movies

Eugene Levy is a very funny and talented fellow who has been able to make a career out of Christopher Guest films and small roles in bad movies. For every Best in Show there is about five New York Minutes. This weekend he spoke to NPR’s Weekend Edition about comedy, improvising with Tyler Perry, and getting get smart laughs from dumb jokes. He explained:

“Believe me, I’ve done movies that are just the lowest of the low. I’ve done movies that are really done without a hell of a lot of intelligence going on. But for me, doing what I do in the movie, if I do it with as much intelligence as I can muster — I mean, cheap is cheap and funny is funny — but if I can make him credible in my own mind, then I’m making him credible to other people, and that’s as good as I can do.”

It all goes back to his days at Second City and learning to “always work at the top of your intelligence.” He continued: “It doesn’t matter how cheap a joke you’re going for or how cheap a situation, if you’re doing it smart, then it’s quite valid and good.” Eugene Levy doesn’t care about lowbrow or highbrow or mediumbrow; the only brow for him is eyebrow.

Eugene Levy Discusses Being Funny in Funny and Unfunny […]